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Press Highlights

“Imagine R.E.M. performing songs written by the dream team of Neil Young and John Lennon and you´ll get Deep in the Waves.”

Babysue.com (LMNOP)
Deep In The Waves is a fully realized creation with songs and sound that can easily compete with anything being released by major labels. The songs are moody and melodic…and they feature dreamy arrangements that really push them to another level.”

Blaskans vänner
“Music that makes me both float and dream at one and the same time. Songs that are like dreams caught by an Indian dream man. The music is beautifully harmonious, shimmering in every line and tone. An exciting musical experience.”

No Depression
Deep in the Waves is a phenomenal debut for Jeff Crandall and his J. Briozo project…. This album deserves top honors and is not to be missed by music fans that enjoy works that are truly fresh and original.”

Popmagazine Heaven
“The thirteen songs on this album are just too beautiful and the music is just too good…. In an Americana world where so many ingredients are well known, it is so refreshing to see an act set out on a different path and and show a lot more of who they really are in doing it.”

Rift Magazine: 365 Days of Music
“Don’t you love it when music just pulls you in. Makes you feel something, so you can really absorb it. It seems like Jeff Crandall (under the name J.Briozo) has it figured it out. ‘A Beautiful Mess’ is a beautiful song from the album Deep In The Waves.”

Folk World
“This is one of those albums that is worth staying with as the band’s skillful playing unfolds the magic of their music over time. The atmosphere they create includes mysterious landscapes and flowing terrain, whether they lean acoustic or go full on electric. Give this record a careful listen and you will likely be transported to interesting places. ”

Dancing About Architecture
“Majestic… the strange and thoughtful cousin of Swallows… destined to have a really interesting journey in its own right.”