J. Briozo performing

Introducing J. Briozo

J. Briozo evolved out of a set of songs that Swallows’ lead singer Jeff Crandall wrote as the Minneapolis-based band was set to return to the studio to record their third full-length album, In the Shadow of the Seven Stars. As the group began recording Seven Stars in one studio, Jeff began recording the basic tracks for Deep in the Waves in another studio across town. Recognizing that his “solo” album had begun to take on a life of its own, Jeff decided to invite members of Swallows to add additional parts to the somewhat open frameworks he had laid out for the songs on the album.

The group composed their parts in the studio, creating psych-pop, rock, jazz, orchestral and folk arrangements for the songs. By the end of the tracking, it was clear that a new sound had developed and a new band concept would needed to support it. That band concept became J. Briozo, taken from the family name of Jeff’s mother, Almerinda, who passed away during the recording of the album. When it is completed, the album will be dedicated to Almerinda Irene (Briozo) Crandall (1938-2016).

J. Briozo will be releasing Deep in the Waves in the Fall of 2017.

“Blind is a cool, mellow jazz tune with a layered, lo-fi sound that reminds me of a lot of Beck’s Sea Change and Morning Phase albums. Great start of the day music or when you’re chilling before bed.” – Music Review Roulette
“An atmospheric, psych-pop project conceived by the Minneapolis Americana/roots band, Swallows. The side project is a mesmerizing mix of vocals, guitars, drums and cello.” – Entertainment Guide

Band one sheet for Deep in the Waves album release

J. Briozo is:

Jeff Crandall (Bio)

Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano, organ, percussion, backing vocals

Aaron Kerr (Bio)

Bass, cello

Justin DeLeon (Bio)

Drums, percussion

Brett Hansen (Bio)

Rhythm and lead electric guitars, lap steel, backing vocals

Tyson Allison (Bio)

Percussion, electric guitars, organ, chimes, backing vocals

Additional players:

Jim Baldrica

Trumpet, trombone, saxophone and flute on “Sun Sun True”
Trumpet, trombone and saxophone on “The Big Parade”
Trumpet on “Camera Obscura”

Kimberly Vang and Kallie Bruett

Backing vocals on “The Big Parade” and “Sun Sun True”

Recording information:

Randy Gildersleeve

Recording engineer

Recorded at GilderSound, Forest Lake, MN
Mixed by Randy Gildersleeve, Jeff Crandall and Justin DeLeon
Mastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA
Produced by Jeff Crandall
Production assistance by Justin DeLeon and Randy Gildersleeve
Arrangements by Jeff Crandall, Aaron Kerr, Brett Hansen, Jim Baldrica, Justin DeLeon, Tyson Allison and Randy Gildersleeve

Music and lyrics by Jeff Crandall

© 2017 Jeff Crandall, Swallow the Music LLC